#SWAP Rules of Engagement

  • First and foremost I intend for this to be an inclusive meme. I identify as a Queer & Bisexual, if you have issues with the LGBTQIA+ community then you probably don’t want to be here. I also can’t tolerate racism, body shaming, transphobia or any kind of hateful language. 
  • SWAP stands for Sharing Words And Pictures. It’s a pretty simple concept. I’ll give you a word, a quote, an image, a thought and in return you share your content. It can be anything. Photography, drawings, erotic fiction, poetry, paintings, spoken words, personal essays, honestly anything does. If you create it I would love to see it. 
  • While there will be prompts feel free to share off prompt work too. Or if you miss the cut off for a prompt or simply missed a prompt you’d like to create for please share it at any time.
  • There is, of course, sexual content on my blog & I will always welcome your erotic & downright dirty posts this is not specifically an erotic meme. Please bring me your non-erotic images, fiction and essays too. For example if the prompt was ‘Forests’ I’d love to see photography of forests without naked bodies in just as much as the ones with naked bodies in. 
  • You don’t have to have a blog to join in. Follow us on Twitter @swapwithfloss and join in there too. You can link your tweets via the linky tool too. Or reply to the weekly pinned tweet for the current prompt. 
  • My biggest aim is to encourage us all to get creative again, so if you want to share more than one post then you are more than welcome too. 
  • There will be no round-ups for this meme. I will share your posts and tweets via Twitter and all I ask is that you try and do the same for your fellow bloggers/tweeters, maybe just one or two posts you enjoy.
  • If you have any ideas for prompts you are welcome to share them with me via DM. Either via @swapwithfloss or @_floss_84.