About #SWAP

I’ve been part of the sex blogging community for a long time and have contemplated starting a meme before but never felt like I had an idea worth pursuing or that the community would benefit from another writing project. 

However, discussions on Twitter with fellow bloggers led me to believe that currently, we are all struggling with creating content and feeling connected to a sense of community with our fellow bloggers. I miss that and I don’t know if this project can change anything but I won’t know if I don’t try. 

I want to welcome as many people as I can into the #SWAP community BUT please, please, please read the Rules of Engagement before you join in. If you don’t think you can be welcoming to all kinds of folks then maybe this isn’t the meme for you.

I decided I’d always been overthinking my approach to starting a meme, so now I’m not even trying to complicate it. The prompts with be fairly basic and that means what you share for them is only limited by your own imagination. It doesn’t even have to be a long blog post, it could be a tweet, an image or sharing something physical you’ve created, like a painting or a drawing. 

As for when you can share, all week. The linky tool will open on a Monday and close late on Sunday GMT times. You can share more than one post and old posts too so long as you add the #SWAP badge to the post.