Wow! What a week! A busy one for me but a quiet one for #SWAP. I left my laptop behind on a visit to see my family so I couldn’t post last week’s prompt on Monday. Normally I’d kick off the next prompt tomorrow, but I’m going to set it up today using last week’s prompt and bump them all along a week. We’re not skipping any prompt topics, we just skipped an actual week of posting.

This week we’re talking about Food Quirks. Or anything related to how you feel about or enjoy food you want to share. Do you like to eat your dinner with a specific fork? Do you have a favourite sandwich filling that will give us all a shock? Or perhaps you’ve got a photo to share with us involving food.

As I always say the link can be tenuous. If the prompt leads your thoughts to something you’d like to share then we’d love to see or read it. It can be erotic, it can be about everyday things, all your posts are welcome.

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