I have got a lot of images in my collection that aren’t often suitable for FlossDoesLife so I thought doing the occasional photo prompt here would be a good way to share them.

This first photo I’ve selected perhaps isn’t the best, but I love the quote ‘I Felt You and I Knew You Loved Me’ and perhaps that might inspire us more than the image.

I took these photos at the Liverpool Cathedral (well one of them) when I took Small Human for a visit in 2019. It was both a wonderful trip and one that had some anxiety for me due to dealing with family while I was there. The particular morning we went to the cathedral my cousin has been driving me round the bend and I was feeling a bit flustered. All of a sudden as we were wandering in the direction of the city, without really knowing exactly where we were going, it started raining out of nowhere. Luckily my beady eyes spotted what I now know to be the cathedral and we ran over to it for shelter.

When I realised where we were I was delighted because the cathedral was on our list of places to visit. I was not disappointed because it is a beautiful building. I’m not necessarily religious, but I also can’t say I definitely not religious and I love churches and Jesus. The longer we stayed in the cathedral the less anxious I became. I felt calm, at peace and like someone had pressed a giant reset button on my mood.

I think when I saw the quote above I felt a lot of things, I expect in part because I was in the city my Mum was from. I know it sounds silly to some people but I felt like I was pushed into the cathedral by forces bigger than myself. I needed that reset but never would have known how to achieve it for myself.

So that’s the background on the images, apologies if it’s a longer introduction than normal. With that all said, feel free to share thoughts about any of the following …

  • Churches
  • Thoughts inspired by the words ‘I Felt You and I Knew You Loved Me’
  • Places you go to feel calm
  • Sharing images of something similar, or photos that represent a moment of peace for you
  • Or anything else at all that comes to mind when you see these images or quote

If it helps there are also huge stained glasses windows above that quote …

The important thing for me about #SWAP is encouraging creativity and community, so I’m not going to have words with you if your post only has a very tenuous link to any week’s prompt. I’d love to know how you got to it from the prompt, if from your post it isn’t obvious but that’s mainly because I’m nosey. So please share any time you can even if you think it’s not relevant enough.

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