First of all thank you so, so much to everyone who joined in with the first week of #SWAP. It’s daunting starting projects like this and it’s such a joy when people respond positively to something you put so much time and effort into.

Of course, I do hope many of you continue to be involved as the weeks go by, but don’t forget to check in on the topics for other prompts too. There are weeks where topics may overlap.

Now onto the second week of #SWAP … Revitalised. Other words I nearly chose for this prompt were refresh, rejuvenate, re-energize and reinvigorate. This whole project is an attempt to inject new life into my blog and revive my blogging inspiration. I know many of you are hoping for the same this year, but this prompt isn’t just about blogging energy.

What makes you feel revitalised? Showers, exercise, reading, food, fresh air, meditation, this list of things people use to boost their physical and mental state is likely endless. I want to know what methods you use to revitalise whatever parts of your life are needing it.

Your post could cover blogging, health, fitness, relationships, hobbies and much more. You could even share pictures of you doing something that refreshes you, it doesn’t have to be a wordy post for #SWAP.

If you’re joining in for the first time then swing by the Rules of Engagement before getting involved. Other than that happy posting and I look forward to seeing what we all create this week.

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